Monday, April 26, 2010

My Playlist

Yeay! dh abes exam..yuhuuu...jgn jeles..hahaha
erm..nk cta psl apa plak ni..

ha..3 mlm lps dgr radio hot..byk lagu2 BI baru2 yg best..
aku pon download la..
so nk kongsi ngan korg2 suma lagu2 yg jd playlist aku skang..
(click song title to download song) =)

English Songs:

1)* Justin Biebier Ft Ludacrist - Baby --> my current ringtone
2)* Justin Bieber - One less lonely girl
3) Justin Bieber - One Time
4)* Akon Ft Keri Hilson - Oh Africa (FIFA WC2010)
5)* B.O.B Ft Bruno Mars - Nothin' On You
6)* Rihana - Rude Boy
7)* Pitbull Ft Akon - Shut it down
8)* One Republic - All the right moves
9) Timbaland Ft Katy Perry - If we ever meet again
10) Lady Gaga - Bad Romance
11) Lady Gaga - Fashion
12)* Maher Zain - For the rest of my life
13) K'naan - Waving flag (WC2010 anthem)
14) Maher Zain - InsyaAllah

Lagu Melayu&indon

1)* Dakmie - Yang Terindah (OST Adamaya)-tgk cta skali taw! best~
2) Tilu - Ku bukan aku
3)* Keyla - Terlalu cepat mencintaimu
4)* Keyla - Yang terluka (OST Asmaradana)
5) Nubhan - Oh Juwita
6) Mahkota Band - Terakhir (OST Na O Mei)
7) Dato' Siti Ft KD - Dalam diamku
8) Bunga Citra Lestari - Pernah muda
9) Aizat - Susun silang kata
10) Bunkface - Dunia
11) Ella - Jiwa Setia
12)* Letto - Senyummu

note: (*) - recommended

ok, setakat ni lagu2 ni la yang aku slalu dgr..try la..
kalo xsuka..hehe..xbleh nk buat apa la kn..
citarasa manusia kn berbeza..=)

so kalo ada sapa2 nak suggest lagu2 best kt aku..sila2..
lagu2 lama pon xpa..

Sunday, April 25, 2010



MU mng 3-1 lwn Spurs..
scorer: Ryan Giggs (2-pen) and Nani (nice goal)
sian Rafael..bkn slh dia gol King 2..huhu..

Giggs and Nani

Real Madrid mng jgk~
Kaka back for good..Ronaldo assists!
mng 2-1 vs Zaragoza..
gol Raul & Kaka

Kaka (kiri) and Ronaldo (kanan)

Kungfu in football? haha..

ok, 1 benda xsuka psl weekend: aku akan marathon bola kalo taw waktu game..

ok, nk tdo..nyte suma!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


today is kaka's birthday!
so, happy birthday to him..
hope his injury will recover soon, so that he'll play again..

his real name is Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite.. da..nk p mandi..

kaka, wife and son/daughter(not sure..haha)

happy birthday to ronaldo's teammate+bestfriend at Real Madrid..
and i hope they win this season..

sok 2nd paper..
that's all 4 now..


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Final VS FootBall


my first exam paper will be this Wednesday..
so, struggle!!!
haha..that so not me..
but i'll try my very best to study more..huhu..

just like before, in the study week, i'll still went out watching football..
i really can't just sit still and study when i know my club is playing..huhu..
so, last night i spend my time to go and watch them..
last night game was between ManUtd and ManCity..
it's called Manchester Derby right..
i just know this last year..haha..
someone still making laugh of me because of this..
let him be..i don't care..

so, i'm tottally not wasting my time there because, Paul Scholes scored the only game for the match last night..thanks god..
so, ManUtd got another 3 points to catch up the leader, Chelsea, who turns to lost to Tottenham Hotspurs last night..
i'm so happy!!
thanks to Defoe and Bale for the goals..
so, now only 1 point more pressure to the leader..haha..
and ManUtd also help Spurs when we beat City, that's mean Spurs is now in the forth!
if this still till the end of the season, they will go to the Champions League along with United, Chelsea & Arsenal next year..
good to them, and... poor Liverpool...hak3x..

ok, that's all..
continued study..

just expressing my happiness here because memory doesn't stay with us..
if we don't want to forget them, we should write..=)

the unsung hero..Paul Scholes..

Friday, April 9, 2010

God of Football


lately, i frequently went out to watch football outside..
before this, i just watched the update online..
i had so much fun when watching it live on television..
thanks to Mary for her accompany..
eventhough my favourite club, Manchester United lost, it doesn't matter..

the last game i watched is the Uefa Champions League quater finals, clash between MU and german club, Bayern Munich..
the first round in german, MU lost 1-2..
and now, at Old Trafford, they won 3-2, but not qualified because of the away goals scored by the rival..
i am very dissappointed because MU plays well..

going back to my post title, actually i'm thinking of a thread about Lionel Messi..
he has the talent that made everyone said 'wow!', 'superb', 'fantastic', 'wonderful', etc..
he is one person that made people enjoyed watching football other than Cristiano Ronaldo (still mentioning him..haha)
people called him 'the god of football'
he is such a gift that won't come up everyday..
not also one in a millions or billions, but maybe one in the trillions..

the game he had with Arsenal was so fantastic..
we were treated to a display of absolute, undiluted genius by him..
he scored all 4 goals and even missed a few more goals..
where did he come from? how can he play that well?
for now, he is the greatest player you ever saw!

Barcelona were missing Carles Puyol, Gerard Pique, Andres Iniesta and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, all dripping international class, at the kick-off but it mattered not a jot. If Manchester United's recent tactics can be described as 'give the ball to Rooney', then Barcelona's cannot be much different in regard to their own number 10.

Never has a player looked so likely to score when he is in front of goal. Never has a player looked so dangerous when carrying the ball at pace. Never has one player looked like such a threat all on his own. The manner of Messi's goals against Arsenal showed the measure of the man, the mark of greatness.

Argentina Coach Diego Maradona Claims Barcelona's Lionel Messi Is Better Than Jesus
click for some pictures

Watch him whenever you can.

p/s: jarang2 aku post psl player lain selain cr..haha..very respect him(messi)