Sunday, March 27, 2011

Yang Mana?


yang mn 1.....
yg anda suka dgr?

dgq apa ni cik azaz oi?

sj ja...wakaka~


ni la, nk ty semua,
bila hampa semua ucap terima kasih kt org kn..
apa jwpn yg hampa suka dgq?
tambah2 dr org yg hampa suka @ crush hampa
biasany la jwb,


u'r welcome~

kasih diterima..

sama2 kasih...

la...2ja nk ty ka? apa la ang ni azaz...

xdak benda nk update lorr~
nk gak ty...sp sudi, jwp la...xsudi xpala...
huk3..sdey a cmni~

Friday, March 25, 2011

i'm back!

hi everybody~
i'm back..kekeke

it's been a while since i last updated my blog~
just submitted my FYP final draft this morning..
glad to say that i feel really happy and more relax now..

i'm going back this evening~

that's all~

p/s: apa punya update nih?

Friday, March 11, 2011

Footballers are genius!

ok, i found this thing this morning~so i am going to share it with u all~

Footballers are geniuses.

A sports scientist reckons superstars such as Lionel Messi and Wayne Rooney naturally excel at maths and science, and develop an intuitive understanding of geometry which allows them to perfect the beautiful game.

Dr Ken Bray, from the University of Bath, analyzed hours of footage to back up his theory that mathematics and scientific principles are essential to reaching the heights of world football.

“Football is an art, but it’s also a science and every footballer uses geometry, aerodynamics and probability to perform at their peak," he said.

Burnley defender Clark Carlisle, who achieved an A-level in maths dubbed Britain’s brainiest footballer after appearances on TV shows Countdown and Question Time, isn’t at all surprised by the findings.

“People like Brian McClair (former Manchester United and Glasgow Celtic forward) and myself might be considered exceptions because we went to university, but I have never considered myself as any smarter than anybody else I’ve ever played with.

“An example of someone who everyone used to assume was thick was Martin Keown - but look at him now, he’s a respected analyst of the game.

“Some people have intellectual capabilities in certain areas, and footballers are no different. There are people who have gone to Cambridge or Oxford, but they have no social intelligence.

“In contrast, footballers might not have the qualifications - but they are definitely an intelligent bunch.”

Dr Bray analysed free-kicks, penalties and goalkeeping techniques to prove his theory that intelligence played a valuable role on the field.

When a player such as David Beckham or Roberto Carlos steps up to hit a free-kick, they don’t just mindlessly aim to hit the back of the net - they also calculate narrow angles and aerodynamics.

“It takes extraordinary skill to beat a defensive wall with a swerving kick," said Dr Bray. "The striker must ensure the ball passes through very narrow limits as it crosses the defensive wall to hit the target.

“For a 25-yard free-kick, the ball needs to be struck with an elevation of 16 degrees and for right-footed players, hit slightly to the right so the swerve will bring it back on target as the ball speeds towards the net.

“The initial ball speed should be 60mph-70 mph and it must be spun at about 600 revolutions per minute if the ball is to move in flight.”



FRANK LAMPARD has an IQ of more than 150 and 12 GCSEs – including an A in Latin.

BRIAN McCLAIR Ex-Manchester United and Scotland striker gained a maths degree at Glasgow University.

IAIN DOWIE Former Crystal Palace player and manager has a Master’s degree in engineering from the University of Hertfordshire.

STEVE COPPELL The former Reading manager gained a degree in economics from Liverpool University while playing for Manchester United.


JERMAINE PENNANT Stoke winger forgot he owned a Porsche, leaving it at a railway station for five months while playing in Spain.

STEPHEN IRELAND Pulled out of Irish international squad claiming his granny had died. When it was revealed she hadn’t, he said it was his other granny... except she was still alive too.

ASHLEY COLE Chelsea star shot a work-placement student at training recently, claiming he did not know the .22 air rifle was loaded.

CHARLES N’ZOGBIA The Wigan winger was cautioned by police last year after being caught getting someone else to sit his theory driving test.



So footballers are intelligent . . . I don’t think (so), says Mirror columnist Robbie Savage :

I suppose we do think about slide-rule passes and the kind of triangles Barcelona played in against Arsenal the other night. But I couldn’t tell you if they were acute or obtuse.

That’s because football is all about hard work, instinct and skill (or, in my case, 66.6% of those qualities) rather than working out complicated formulas in your head.

The only time I’ve heard of a footballer using fractions is the famous story about Jason McAteer going to Pizza Hut.

The waitress asked him if he’d like his deep-pan cut into eighths and he replied: “I’m not that hungry, cut it into quarters.”

It’s bizarre that Dr Bray thinks Cristiano Ronaldo was calculating the revolutions per minute of the ball every time he stepped up to take a free-kick for Manchester United.

I can guarantee the only RPM rate going on his mind was the one on his Ferrari’s dashboard as he rushed to get to the tanning salon before closing time.


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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Wedding time!

ok, I've explained before about my friends' wedding in the previous post,
please refer here ...
so, I'm not going to talk much now,
as usual, enjoy the photos! ^^

the arrival of the VVVIPs!

the handsome groom n his bestman! ^^

the most gorgeous bride ever!

bagai anggur dibelah 2..(ibarat kata kajol) haha


my konvoi geng~ merapu!

with all! *luv*luv*

gorgeous x we all? ahaks!

found a cute baby!

ambik berkat~haha

now, let's take a look at my creativity of taking a nice + cool pic
with my Olympus FE-20
only 8.0 MP ma...huhu
there's also some lucky shoot i managed to capture that day..


nice ha?
no need a DSLR camera for this nice shoot!

to the bride n the groom:
hopefully both of you will have a wonderful life together..
be good, more understandable, caring and responsible to each other..
and the most important is love each other till heaven!

p/s: sorry for my bad English!

Friday, March 4, 2011


esok nkg kenduri my fren,
Syafikah Ismail & Mohd Syahinudin
yeay~ akhirnya ada Fotressian yg kawen...
nntkan update nnt~
nk amek gambaq manyak2!


opss! p/s: dh 3 mggu men volley kt skul..!
tp rindu geng2 skul bsm..hahaha

yg penting..Torres dh jd Ronaldo hrni~

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

happy birthday frenz~

wahhh~ dh lama xupdate...
bz ke? agak la...
erm..lgpon xdak apa nk update kn...

k, straight to the point!
today is my fren, En Saiful Ahmakamal's bday..
yg ke 2* ngan aku la...
smoga panjang umur n dimurahkan rezki..

it's nice 2 meet u..
xkira la pht mns, e2 pengalaman kn..
n thanx for all those experiences~ hehe
pengalaman mematangkan kita kn!

keja dh bgs, blanja a...hahaha
nnt nk kawen jgn lupa jemput aku taw!!
anta kad kt umah a...xmo invite2 tagged2 kt fb ja~
skali skala kn...^^

memandangkan thn ni xdak 29 Feb so xyah wish la kn..
yg atas2 tu aku xkira wish..haha
(pdhal dh berjela2 karang~ miahaha)

ok lah! 2 ja buat ms ni~
jum tdo!

p/s: to all=don't forget MU vs Chelsea tomorrow morning @ 3.40 a.m.
adeyh! awalnya...nk kena tdo awl la sok..ngeh3