Sunday, April 18, 2010

Final VS FootBall


my first exam paper will be this Wednesday..
so, struggle!!!
haha..that so not me..
but i'll try my very best to study more..huhu..

just like before, in the study week, i'll still went out watching football..
i really can't just sit still and study when i know my club is playing..huhu..
so, last night i spend my time to go and watch them..
last night game was between ManUtd and ManCity..
it's called Manchester Derby right..
i just know this last year..haha..
someone still making laugh of me because of this..
let him be..i don't care..

so, i'm tottally not wasting my time there because, Paul Scholes scored the only game for the match last night..thanks god..
so, ManUtd got another 3 points to catch up the leader, Chelsea, who turns to lost to Tottenham Hotspurs last night..
i'm so happy!!
thanks to Defoe and Bale for the goals..
so, now only 1 point more pressure to the leader..haha..
and ManUtd also help Spurs when we beat City, that's mean Spurs is now in the forth!
if this still till the end of the season, they will go to the Champions League along with United, Chelsea & Arsenal next year..
good to them, and... poor Liverpool...hak3x..

ok, that's all..
continued study..

just expressing my happiness here because memory doesn't stay with us..
if we don't want to forget them, we should write..=)

the unsung hero..Paul Scholes..

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