Wednesday, February 23, 2011



jnji date kul 4..
kul3.30 dh terjaga...^^
ttdo blk...adeyh..pas2, 4.05 bru terjaga sbb alarm..
wuhuu...da lmbt~

smpi je tempat date, nset ilang!!!
sadiss btoi..hati xsenang...


dpan pandang dia...omg, he's getting cuter n cuter day by day~
but, in the meantime, i keep looking at another person..
from the mirror in front of me!
another handsome man~
who recently telah digossipkan ngan aku..
but i don't like him~

pd masa yg sm jgk, i'm looking at another man...
i know him..but this is the first time seeing him live!
his eyes, OMG!
luruh jantung gue~miahaha

(lupa nset yg ilang 2..)


a bit dissappointed with my date!
my only bf, CR~
he's not playing very well..he has the skill as usual, but~
no comment~!

the other man i'm looking from my back,
is Fernando Torres...arghh...
he's club was playing well tonight~

the new man is Yoann Gourcuff
n he's playing well~

whatever happened, i l u cr~

amaran: anda mungkin akan muntah darah semasa baca

jum solat subuh!

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