Sunday, March 6, 2011

Wedding time!

ok, I've explained before about my friends' wedding in the previous post,
please refer here ...
so, I'm not going to talk much now,
as usual, enjoy the photos! ^^

the arrival of the VVVIPs!

the handsome groom n his bestman! ^^

the most gorgeous bride ever!

bagai anggur dibelah 2..(ibarat kata kajol) haha


my konvoi geng~ merapu!

with all! *luv*luv*

gorgeous x we all? ahaks!

found a cute baby!

ambik berkat~haha

now, let's take a look at my creativity of taking a nice + cool pic
with my Olympus FE-20
only 8.0 MP ma...huhu
there's also some lucky shoot i managed to capture that day..


nice ha?
no need a DSLR camera for this nice shoot!

to the bride n the groom:
hopefully both of you will have a wonderful life together..
be good, more understandable, caring and responsible to each other..
and the most important is love each other till heaven!

p/s: sorry for my bad English!


me suya said...

owhh ade kajol
hehehe lama tak jumpa die.. hehehe follow here gak~

azaz said...

kenal ek? cmna 2?