Thursday, March 11, 2010


my wasting time post is starting again..haha..
just to let you all know who are the guys i like..
they are footballers,actors,singers and celebrities..=)
this is according to the ranking, which is starting from the best..

1) Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aviero - Portugal, Real Madrid;Football Player,Model,Celebrity

2) Aaron Aziz - Malay/Singapore;Actor,Model

3) Jang Geun Seuk - Korean;Actor,Singer,Model

4) Mike He Jun Xiang - Taiwan;Actor,Model

5) Ian Somerhalder- Hollywood;Actor,Model

6) Hayden Christensen - Hollywood; Actor

7) Lee Byung Hyun - Korean; Actor

8) Lee Dong Wok - Korean; Actor

9) Chace Crawford - Hollywood; Actor

10) Aaron Ramsey - Wales,Arsenal;Football Player (now injured due to broken leg..get well soon coz i miss watching you on the picth)

okey, that's all for now..there are more but just finish with the top 10..
i'm sure some of them are also my other girlfriends crush..



lin said...

I choose the last one! Aaron Ramsey!!! He looks like my-so-handsome-cute-crush, Brendon Urie =P

azaz said...

ye ek? but so sad that he broke his leg..u should c the terrific!feel so sad 'bout him..(sorry 4 my bad english teacher..haha)

mohd fauzi said...

mana ucu aka mohd fauzi bashir???

azaz said...

ai, ucu.. r u trying me?