Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The End of Their Journey

The last place for the semi's was filled by Spain after their win over Portugal 1-0
the only goal was scored by david Villa which means he is now 1 of the 3 top scorers for WC10 for now..
it was a victory to them as they played so well last night.
meanwhile, it was a very sad and frustrating lose to Portugal as they also played well but it wasn't enough actually..
the most frustrated player was their captain, Cristiano Ronaldo
but i must admitted that his game wasn't his best and he doesn't perform well in that tough game..Portugal Played more defensive so they rarely have good chances to score..

Ronaldo and Villa : the battle of 7

they have the same hairstyle last night, but you should know who copied who right?
he was so dissapointed with the reff

right after Villa scored the goal

he walked away after the game when Spain were celebrating

yes, he was the saddest man in the team

"I feel a broken man, completely disconsolate, frustrated and an unimaginable sadness," Ronaldo said.

"I was not in a position to explain what was what. I am a human being, and like any human being I suffer and I have the right to suffer alone.

"I know that I am the captain, and I have always assumed and will assume my responsibilities."

Queiroz said Portugal would return home and work at becoming an even better side.

"We wanted to do well and when we compete at this level, if we manage to obtain second or third, it is not satisfactory," he said.

"We always have as our main goal to win. We also want to have an honourable performance to dignify Portuguese football.

"I wanted us to be able to leave the field with our heads held high, and I think we accomplished this.

"We hope that in the next World Cup we can perform with a greater degree of ambition and keep alive our motto of playing to win."

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