Monday, November 22, 2010


sorry 2 say this..
i've bought a new jersey earlier of this month..
it's a CHELSEA HOME jersey..
for the past 2 weeks i've been wearing it quite often, then u know what happened?
chelsea keep losing!
so sorrry to said~
if u didn't understand this, i can tell u y..

actually i'm a MANUTD fan..
that's y i said sorry..sorry 2 chelsea fan..haha
i know it's a superstitious and ridiculous, but i still want 2 believed it..=)

n nk ckp cket, aku bli jersey n bkn sbb nk tiru sp2 @ nk jd sp2..
aku mmg nk bli dr 1st jersey sezen 2010/2011 kuaq ok..
cuma skang bru ada duet cket..
agak geram bila ada org ckp aku pnjm jersey 'dia'..
sory cket eh, aku pon ada duet la..
aku mmg dh lama nk bli, mn taw dia pon bli jgk..

here is my collections..

sedang mengusha jersey LS RM 2nd n 3rd~
barca home, and LS liv 3rd..
tp duet xdak~ n xsemua available..huhu..

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