Thursday, October 28, 2010


hari ni birthday rmi kwn aku..
Coursemate, Hamira..
Ex-skulmate, Izzatiey Usolli & Aminullah @ Jebon..
Happy birthday kwn2..
wishing u all having a great birthday today..
pastu jgn lupa open table plak..haha..

sbut psl kwn..bru ja 10 mnt lalu..
1 of my long distance bff ym..
just 2 wish gd nite n asking me to sleep since it's 3.30 a.m already..

it's good when i'm in my busy day, a good friend is saying something nice~
w/pon just suruh tdo kn..
lgpon dh lama xcontact ngan dia since we're both very busy now..
gd luck fren~ ( he got test tomorrow )
u r my bff forever..hehe..

that's y sometimes we better to be just friends rather than bf/gf kn?

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