Wednesday, October 6, 2010

sarangae oppa

bermula ngan WGM khuntoria, aku berminat nk knl 2PM..
slma ni lyn lagu ja..

Nichkhun and Victoria f(x)

2PM: Junsu, Jaebeom, Wooyoung, Nichkhun, Junho, Chansung, Taecyeon

pas2 tgk cket2 TV show dpa..
ska Chansung~ group maknae

lyn blk music video..
suka WooYoung yg kiut miut 2~

pas2 tgk music video heartbeat, i guest something is not right~
not so energetic as their old music video+performances..
and then i know..
Park Jae Beom @ Jay Park missing bg penangan kuat pd group diorg~

jaebeom as 2PM leadjer(leader)

so cool+funny+full of charisma in a lot of Tv shows

then, i start 2 search for his old stuff..
everything berkaitan ngan dia..
add new FB account, twitter, Myspace
latest website
even AOM (Art of movement) news and video clip~
just 2 watch him..
4shared 2 dh 24 jam aku dolod smpi 4shared dh xbley pki..


he will release his new single album on 10 Oct 2010
title: Demon..

latest pic of him~

i already have 2 from his 5 cover..
1) Nothing on you
2) Can't take my eyes of you
the 3rd, Billionaire xsempt, 4shared wt hal..huk3
lg 2, Foolin' Around / Bedrock dan I'm Beamin xjpa lg~
ada kt youtube ngan website dia..
i'll try 2 dolod all..

my lappy~

skang tgh layan single2 terbaru dia..
1) Bestie
2) speechless
yg ni ja yg ada kt website dia..

but have i found out a few nice songs~
most of them dia came out as rapper je..
but it is very nice 2 hear his wonderfull voice~

sarangae Jaebeom sshi..

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izariah zainal said...

huhu cik aida..
ini memang obses!hahha
ak ad jgk lyn,tp light2 ja.knai pn x sgt la.lps ni bley la berguru ngn ang!hehe;p

azaz said...

haha..nk berguru apa plak ni?haha..aku mmg cmni, bila dh suka, mmg aku obses! haha..24 jam nk dgr @ tgk benda 2..haha..